Preferred Customer Maintenance Agreement

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Our Focus is On Your Family's Safety

Complete Comfort Heating and Cooling is now offering Carbon Monoxide Safety Testing as we focus on Your Family’s Comfort, Health and Safety.

When the first day of heat and high humidity or the bitter cold of a Winter’s day arrives you want your system to work properly the first time you turn it on. Our Preferred Customer Maintenance Agreement will help you achieve that goal.

A Very Uncomfortable Birthday Celebration

Click here to watch grandma take a header into the cake... it's hilarious!

In celebration of Grandma’s 87th birthday, the air conditioning was turned on early in anticipation of a hot and humid day. However, when the guests arrived the house was very uncomfortable.

The air conditioning system was not working properly. It was clogged with tumble weed, questionable critters and a whole lotta dirt.

Grandma passed out while happy birthday was being sung and took a header into the cake.

Although she was immediately revived, the problem could have been prevented with a Preferred Customer Maintenance Agreement provided by Complete Comfort Heating and Cooling.


To prevent costly breakdowns, Complete Comfort Heating and Cooling now offers a Fast Action Clean and Check program with an emphasis on peak performance and safety.

* A Fast Action Clean & Check saves you money long into the future by reducing Air Conditioning and Furnace Repair Costs.
* When it comes to your Comfort System, Complete Comfort Delivers “Peace of Mind”

A Fast Action Clean & Check includes the following multi point Tune Up:


  • Clean Condenser Coil
  • Check Evaporator Performance
  • Check Refrigerant Charge
  • Inspect Safety Controls
  • Inspect System Filter
  • Check Thermostat Performance


  • Vacuum Clean Furnace Unit
  • Inspect Heat Exchanger for Structural Integrity
  • Monitor Gas Pressure
  • Visually Inspect Burner Assembly
  • Check Blower Fans Performance
  • Inspect Safety Controls
  • Check Refrigerant Charge (Heat Pumps)

Complete Comfort Offers FREE FILTERS with a Preferred Customer Maintenance Agreement.

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